With most any inground backyard pool, you will find a variety of tools, toys, and other products that all perform different duties. However, one of the most necessary tools your pool needs is an automatic swimming pool cover. A product that wears many hats, an automatic pool cover provides numerous benefits as it protects your backyard swimming pool. If you are ready to experience appreciable savings in the overall operating costs of your backyard pool, an automatic pool cover just may become one of your best investments yet.

The Top Benefits of an Automatic Pool Cover

Counters Evaporation

An automatic pool cover can prevent pool water evaporation. In fact, because an automatic swimming pool cover is designed to ensure 85% of it rests on the of the surface of the pool, it leaves minimal space for evaporation to take place. When the cover is situated over the pool, it will save you a great amount of water. In turn, this will save you some money.
Additionally, when you use an automatic pool cover, you do not need to continually add water to the pool because it reduces water evaporation by nearly 90%.

Saves Chemicals

A lot of chemical loss happens when pool water evaporates. Therefore, an automatic swimming pool cover helps keep those chemicals in the pool. Because a swimming pool cover can save up to 90% of the water that could be lost to evaporation if a pool is left uncovered, this translates to thousands of gallons of water that would otherwise disappear! And we all know what was in all of those gallons of water, right? Hundreds upon hundreds of dollars in necessary chemicals that you will now save as a result of having an automatic swimming pool cover installed and deployed across the surface of your pool. (This automatic swimming pool cover just keeps sounding better and better!)

Further, the powerful UV rays of the sun can cause incredible damage on the chlorine demand of your pool. An automatic pool cover made from thick woven polyester fiber with an applied PVS resin frequently comes with added UV inhibitors. When your in-ground backyard pool is covered with an automatic swimming pool cover, the harmful UV rays of the sun cannot hit the water and then act on the chlorine. As a result, you won’t lose chlorine that is typically lost when no cover is in place. (We see more money just going back in your wallet.)

An automatic swimming pool cover also puts the brakes on photosynthesis. You know what that is, right? It’s that growth process that occurs when algae and organic matter grow faster due to the impact of sunlight. As a result of this process, the chlorine in your pool quickly gets consumed in the process of the pool trying to rid itself of this junk. A swimming pool cover means that photosynthesis is less likely to occur and the chlorine in your pool can take a bit of a break and not work so hard at combatting this process. (You may want to stop reading here as you just might already be sold. But we encourage you to keep reading, as the story just keeps getting better.)

Reduces Consumption of Electricity

When you use an automatic pool cover, you reduce the amount of energy required for filtering the pool. Obviously, you need electricity to run the pool filter and pump. Because an automatic pool cover keeps debris and dirt out of your pool, you can save up to 50% on electricity costs because the filtration systems do not have to work as frequently. (Another win!)

Heats Up the Pool

You know how good it feels to snuggle up with a warm blanket on a chilly day? Well, an automatic swimming pool acts somewhat like a thermal blanket. As it covers the surface of the water, it traps in the heat just like that blanket does when you snuggle with it. If you are the type of pool owner who loves to extend the swimming pool season by heating the pool, just imagine the energy you can save with an automatic pool cover. Over time, a swimming pool cover is going to prove to be a great investment!

Protects Pool from the Elements

An automatic pool cover is a great protective cover, too. It will keep leaves and other debris out of the water, as well as block blowing dirt and sand from getting in the pool. Plus, it acts as a winter cover when you close down your backyard pool for the season. In other words, when it comes time to reopen your pool next summer, you will have fewer leaves, branches, and other organic matter to clean up before you dive in! That’s definitely a game changer!

Safety, Safety, Safety

An automatic swimming pool cover will seal off the sides of the pool and prevent kids, pets, and non-swimmers from accidentally falling into the water. Think of it as a safety net like the kind aerial acrobatics use when they perform on the high wire. (Although we don’t recommend such activity in and around your pool. This is merely for purposes of illustration.)

Reduces Worry and Anxiety

When you consider all of the factors above, an automatic swimming pool cover can greatly enhance the confidence you have in your pool in terms of safety, security, and cleanliness. These covers help keep those worries and anxieties at bay.

In reality, an automatic swimming pool cover is more than just a lead player when it comes to a great investment in your backyard pool. It plays many roles and offers so many benefits. As a result, these covers are quickly becoming a popular add-on feature for backyard swimming pool owners.

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