Transform your backyard pool with Spray Deck & Coping

spray deck option

Option 1: Spray Deck

  • Adds color and texture for safety to your pool, add Spray Deck
  • May be combined with Coping option below
  • Approximately 20 colors to choose from
  • Lighter colors may be cooler than darker colors
  • Very light colors will show dirt more easily
imitation spray coping

Option 2: Imitation Spray Coping

Coping is the wide stone-look trim around the water’s edge

  • Cost is in addition to the Spray Deck above
  • Looks like real flag stone
  • No need for constant cost and hassle of maintenance of sealing real flagstone
  • Less dust & chipping getting into your pool from real flagstone
  • Save thousands compared to real flagstone

Spray Deck Colors

spray deck colors
  1. Limestone
  2. Ivory
  3. Bone White
  4. Kilm Beige
  5. Adobe Buff
  6. Ivory Beige
  7. Arizona Sand
  8. Sierra Sand
  9. Traditional Tan
  10. Texas Wheat
  11. Brown
  12. Sweetwood
  13. Smokey Mountain
  14. Stone Gray
  15. Dove Gray
  16. Dallas Gray
  17. Ash Gray
  18. Charcoal
  19. Texas Brick
  20. Sable
  21. Rich Brown

Coping Options

Choose 3 colors to create the look of natural stone.

L to R: Mist Reef, Alamo Moss-Light, Iced Chocolate-light, Iced Chocolate/ Cedar teak mix, Alamo Moss, Aztec Brown, Alamo Moss Iced Chocolate, Iced Chocolate, Ebony, Inca Palm

solid color coping

Solid Color Coping

multi-color coping

Multi-Color Coping

multi-color coping

Multi-Color Coping